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II.A.1. Creating an environment that fosters interest and growth in all aspects of technology 


Rating:  Exceeds


Artifact: WebQuest


Justification: Through the Instructional Technology Program at Duquesne University, I have learned how to engage students using a variety of technology means. I have found that technology gives students the ability to learn in all different modalities such as auditory, visual, oral and kinesthetic. I have rated myself as exceeds due to my ability to prove this from observations from teachers and principals.



II.A.2. Establishing and maintaining rapport with all staff and students 


Rating:  Exceeds


Artifact: ClassDojo

Justification:  Through communication with parents using the application ClassDojo, I was able for two years to keep a great rapport with parents and students. I have helped staff members as well this year in my building setting up the application as a behavior management system. 


II.A.3. Communicating high learning expectations 


Rating:  Exceeds


Artifact: Learning Targets and ActivInspire Software

Justification:  I have rated myself as exceeds because I feel that through my use of learning targets, I give my students high expectations every day in the class. I use ActivInspire software to set these goals that are then projected for each child to see when walking in for breakfast in the classroom. Setting goals, and communicating them through technology has lifted my class to understanding and wanting to meet those expectations. 



II.A.4. Creating a safe physical environment that is conducive to learning


Rating:  Exceeds


Artifact: My Classroom


Justification:  Through putting cords up, I have made sure that technology is available but safe. When charging the iPads in the room, I make sure that children use safe practices to not get shocked or electrocuted. I think technology like any other tool in education needs to be used with rules. By instilling those technology rules, I have made sure that we as a class use technology safely. 

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