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I.D.1 Basic principles of instructional design associated with the development of instructional technology materials 

Rating:  Exceeds

Artifact: WebQuest Lesson


Justification:  Through designing a week-long unit looking at the American Election, I feel I am rated as "exceeds" through my ability to craft instructional materials that incorporate webquests and other such technologies such as PowerPoint. 


I.D.2. Emerging programming, authoring, and problem solving environments including team and collaborative projects such as on- line workgroups 


Rating:  Exceeds


Artifact: Technology Plan


Justification: I rated myself as "exceeds" due to my work with a team over a span of 7 weeks where we worked as a collaborative team that crafted a 61 page document that encompassed the full idea of a school district technology plan. I feel that through this collaborative work, I was able to learn to problem-solve with a team. 

I.D.3. Designing and publishing on-line documents that present information and include links to critical resources 


Rating:  Exceeds


Artifact: Staff Development


Justification: I rated myself as "exceeds" because I feel that I have developed a staff professional development opportunity that gave staff members in my building the ability to learn how to link information to hyperlinks as well as design a webquest. Through giving the professional development at my school, I also was able to teach the design aspect to all staff members. 

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