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I.B.1. Research on and evaluation of existing and emerging technologies


Rating:  Exceeds


Artifact: Evaluation 


Justification: Through evaluating Technology Plans for both Upper St. Clair School District and Penn Hills School District, I have shown how my technology knowledge can be used an assessment of new and old technologies. I felt that I able to say I am "exceed" in this category because I was able to look and identify positive and negative aspects of both Technology Plans. 




I.B.2. Use of instructional theories and teaching models


Rating:  Exceeds


Artifact: Technology Paper


Justification: Through looking at the book, Edge Technology, I was able to use theories that I already learned in the program along with learning about edge technology to come up new teaching models. I rated myself as "exceeds" because I believe that I can use these theories and teaching models in the classroom and in a staff development. 




 I.B.3. Learner characteristics, developmental levels, and individual differences as related to instructional technology resources and modifications


Rating:  Exceeds


Artifact: Technology Plan


Justification: I rated myself as "exceeds" because I feel that through developing a Technology Plan for a made-up school district, I was able to look at what the children and needs were represented in the district. Through find and stating resources that students and staff would benefit from, I feel that I was able to successful come up with a wonderful Technology Plan. 





 I.B.4. Access and use telecommunications for information sharing, remote information access and retrieval, and multi- media/hypermedia publishing


Rating:  Exceeds


Artifact: Wikis and Blogs


Justification: Through my time in the Instructional Technology program, I have learned and used programs such as blogs and wikis in order to communicate with members in my class. In addition to this, I have used Blackboard Collaborate which was used as a means of accessing communication from all over the country for a class setting at Duquesne University. I have rated myself at exceeds due to the fact that I gone above and beyond to understand communication systems. I am proficient in Skype, BlackBoard Collaborate, Blackboard 9, Blogs, Wikis and many others. I have attached an example of a wiki that I have published with my collaborative group. 





 I.B.5. Electronic mail and Internet resources for communications and instructional support


Rating:  Exceeds


Artifact: Blackboard Collaborate, GoToTrainings, Blog, Wikis, and E-mail


Justification: Over my years in higher education, I have learned and used many different forms of internet resources and means to use as instruction and communication. From GoogleDrive to G-mail, I have used and crafted communication through these software means. I have rated myself as exceeds due to the fact that I am fully aware of most if not all communication means on the internet. I continue to learn and use these means in the Instructional Technology program at Duquesne University.

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