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V.F.1. Reports on current policies and practices designed to support children, caregivers and families from diverse backgrounds

Rating:  Exceeds

Artifact: Repeated Reading Intervention Review   

Justification: I have rated myself as exceeds because I feel that I am able to look at policies and practices to find ways in which to help children with diverse needs. I feel that through the ability to look at literature that speaks to how I can find and accurately pull interventions that will help children from all different backgrounds and needs. 



V.F.2. Analyzes, reports and presents on current efforts to support diverse learners and how the broader community views learning differences


Rating:  Exceeds


Artifact: ELL Lesson Reflection


Justification: I rated myself as exceeds because I feel that through my ability to differientate and support diverse learners, I have had success in my classroom. Through the ELL reflection, you can see how I have learned through the negatives and positives of differientation and how hard sometimes that task can be. Through my classroom teaching for two years, I feel that I have been able to successfully analyze and present an effort that has impacted diverse learners in my classroom. 




V.F.3. Communicates with families of English language learners (ELL) and culturally diverse learners to ensure that learners and their families have access to communication in their native languages


Rating:  Meets


Artifact: Community Letter through Journeys Basal Unit

Justification: I feel that I am rated as meets due to my ability to use Journeys basal unit to communicate with families. I feel that I am still working on crafting my own set of communication letters to help parents understand what their child is learning even if English is not their first language. I feel that I am excelling as well through parent meetings and such. 



V.F.4. Advocates for the use of effective strategies and resources for students with diverse needs including, but not limited to, gifted, ELL and students with disabilities


Rating:  Exceeds


Artifact: Assessment

Justification: I rated myself as exceeds due to my ability to differientiate in ways of lesson planning as well as assessment. I feel that through this paper, you can see how assessment plays in the role of a child with diverse needs. I feel as a teacher that I understand what is appropriate for assessing when the child needs a more differientated approach in a core class. 






V.F.5. Advises and supports educators in modifications to the learning environment that are evidence-based practices that do not compromise curricular intent and rigor


Rating:  Exceeds

Artifact: Standards-Based Approach

Justification: I rated myself as exceeds in this category because I feel that I am a leader at my school and I do in fact help other teachers with diverse learners such as autism or dyslexia. By showing these teachers accommodations, I hope for students to be more assessed aligned with standards rather than a worksheet. 



V.F.6. Demonstrates positive and appropriate interactions with all stakeholders in the school environment and community at large


Rating:  Exceeds


Artifact: Professional Career

Justification: Through my career in Pennsylvania and West Virgina, I have promoted positive and appropriate interactions with all educational stakeholders. I feel that I can effectively rate myself as exceeds do to this. I feel that to educate one must involve every community member in that child's life. It takes a village to educate a child, not just one teacher. 




V.F.7. Collaborates with educators and social agencies working with diverse learners to create a coherent vision for learning opportunities


Rating:  Exceeds


Artifact: Mission, Vision and Goals

Justification: I rated myself as exceeds because I believe that I understand how to connect to diverse learners and ultimately create a vision that will accommodate those learners. Through being an Orton-Gillingham Dyslexia tutor, I feel strongly that educators cannot simply treat every child the same. I feel that my group's Mission, Vision and Goals correctly identifies how students should be seen as individuals in an educational setting. 



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