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V.E.1. Demonstrates knowledge of all systemic relationships in the organizational chart and their corollary systemic functions


Rating:  Meets


Artifact: Leadership Team  

Justification: I have rated myself as meets due to my ability to be on the Leadership Team. I feel that through our meetings, I have learned how the organizational chart works for my school district. I still have years to master the whole system, but I feel that I have a good understanding of the system. 




V.E.2. Participates within the defined role of their certification area within the organization to include responsibilities, relationships, constraints, opportunities and resources


Rating:  Exceeds


Artifact: Leadership Team and Curriculum Team

Justification: I rated myself as exceeds due to my responsibilities in my school district. From being on the Leadership Team to being the K-2 Curriculum Leader, I feel that I have responsibilities and opportunities to show staff members, parents and students different resources throughout the school year. 




V.E.3. Identifies a problem within the scope of their certification area and creates and presents a visionary action plan, consistent with the organization and to promote a culture of change; including resolution of conflicts, communication, collaboration, needs assessment and advocacy


Rating:  Exceeds


Artifact: Technology Plan


Justification:  I rated myself as exceeds due to my comprehensive technology plan that my collaborative team designed over a seven week period. I feel that through using the Guidebook and comprehensively looking at collaboration and communication while in our district, our team was able to organize and show how technology problems and other district problems can be resolved. I feel strongly that this technology plan shows how much knowledge and application I have as an Instructional Technology Specialist working in a school district. 

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