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V.B.1. Presents clear connections between theory and practice in curricular and instructional leadership


Rating:  Exceeds


Artifact: Technology Plan and Meeting Notes 

Justification: Through the Technology Plan and the Meeting notes, I feel that I can be rated as exceeds due to my keen insight for curricular creation and leadership skills as seen in the notes. I feel that through developing collaboratively the technology plan, I was able to create and lead my team to success. 




V.B.2. Participates in the development, assessment and/or refinement of standards-based curriculum


Rating:  Exceeds


Artifact: WebQuest Week-Long Unit 

Justification: I rated myself as exceeds because I believe that I can develop, assess and use standards to make a lesson plan. Through the artifact, the Webquest lesson, I was able to effectively create a lesson that encompassed all of these standards. Through positive feedback from my professor as well as my administrator, I feel that I can rate myself in this manner. 




V.B.3. Demonstrates knowledge, skills and dispositions related to one’s leadership responsibility to support curricular and instructional excellence


Rating:  Exceeds


Artifact:  Screen Capture Video for ClassDojo

Justification: I have developed a Screen Capture video to help teachers learn how to use the behavior management tool of ClassDojo. Through the experience, I was able to share the video with my faculty and I found great response. Being able to be walked through the process is much easier than just starting something on your own. 



V.B.4. Creates a vision for student success and a positive school climate that supports equal access to curricular and instructional excellence

Rating:  Exceeds

Artifact: Mission Vision and Goals 

Justification:  I rated myself as exceeds due to my ability to create a vision that encompasses student success as well as a positive school environment for learning. Through the Mission, Vision, and Goals PowerPoint, I feel that I was able to show how I can design a vision to meet the needs of a school district by encompassing the whole child and developing excellence. 

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