IV.E.1. Describes the working relationships within the school district's organizational-chart including external partnerships


Rating:  Meets


Artifact: OEPA Leadership Team Analysis 

Justification: Through working at my school, I have been given the opportunity to work as a member on the leadership team. When our county, Raleigh County, was audited by OEPA, I was prepared with the team to come up with how our school demonstrates leadership within our building as well as in the community with community partners. Through my leadership, I feel that I can rate myself as meets. I am still learning about how OEPA rates our county, this is simply my first run in with a state-mandated audit. 


IV.E.2. Demonstrates knowledge of functional relationships in the organizational chart to systemic functions


Rating:  Exceeds


Artifact: OEPA Leadership Team Analysis


Justification:  I have rated myself as exceeds in this category because I feel that I have shown my school that I am competent when face with an OEPA audit. I was able to understand how compliances needed to be met in order for our school to pass inspection. Through gathering data and understanding leadership roles, I feel that I led my school to be rated excellently. 



IV.E.3. Identifies the role of their certification area within the organization to include responsibilities, relationships, constraints, opportunities and resources


Rating:  Meets


Artifact: Propel Charter School Observation

Justification: I have rated myself as meets in this category because I feel that through my time at Propel Charter School I was able to understand relationships and constraints. I understand those similar contraints at my own school. With only two years of teaching, I feel that I am still learning and thus I will obtain an exceeds rating once I am past atleast five years of teaching. 



IV.E.4. Identifies a problem within the scope of their certification area and creates a visionary action plan, consistent with the organization and sensitive to the change process; including resolution of conflicts, communication, collaboration, needs assessment and advocacy


Rating:  Exceeds


Artifact: Standards-Based Evaluation of Repeated Reading Interventions


Justification: Through the Autism Endorsement program, I feel that I have obtained a rating of exceeds by being able to look at standards-based intervention and understand how to make a conflict into a solution. By creating an action plan and evaluating which direction to go in, I have help students and teachers in my school through understanding how to act professionally in a school district.