IV.D.1. Reports on examples of field-based federal, state and local legislation, regulations, mandates, policies, and procedures that impact school district operations at macro and micro levels


Rating:  Exceeds


Artifact: Boarding Meeting

Justification:  I rated myself as exceeds due to my ability to see how the policies and district operations can be looked at through a macro and micro level. Through writing this paper, I felt that I was able to report on such procedures through attending multiple meetings. 




IV.D.2. Determines specific roles and responsibilities for adherence/compliance with federal, state and local legislation, regulations, mandates, policies and procedures


Rating:  Exceeds


Artifact: Behavior Change Project Special Needs Intervention

Justification: I rated myself at exceeds because I feel that I can determine responsibilities with local and state regulations when concerning how to manage and change behavior in a student with special needs. Through the Autism Endorsement program, I feel that I have learned and cited theories, policies and mandates all in line with how to manage and make students with autism most successful in the classroom. 




IV.D.3. Assists with the completion of all compliance documentation


Rating:  Meets


Artifact: Progress Monitering Project

Justification: I rated myself at exceeds due to my ability to comply with all documentation needed in the classroom. Through being able to write a progress monitering for a student with outbursts in a classroom, I can manage and obtain control with students that need answers for behaviors that these students ultimately cannot control. 




IV.D.4. Reports on how the school district disseminates information on regulatory changes to appropriate stakeholders


Rating:  Meets


Artifact: Board Meeting

Justification: I rated myself as exceeds due to my ability to look at board meetings and see how the information is disseminated in order to show stakeholders why the district is turning in a certain direction. Through the 2 million dollar cut, the district discussed how further staffing cuts as well as technology cuts are in the future. 




IV.D.5. Identifies example(s) of compliance problems and assists with alternative actions to resolve targeted compliance issues


Rating:  Meets


Artifact: Instructional Support Project


Justification: I rated myself as exceeds due to my ability to look at case studies and be able to offer alternative actions to help children and comply with issues in a school. From being able to find solutions, I feel that I am able to offer guidance in an administrative meeting, IEP meeting as well as a meeting with a professional. 


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