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IV.A.1. Demonstrates the appropriate use of data in forming decisions, utilizing resources, setting targets and interpreting results aimed at continuous improvement in curriculum, personnel and/or programs

Rating:  Exceeds


Artifact: Technology Plan

Justification: Through working developing a Technology Plan, I have rated myself as exceeds because I believe that I have gone above and beyond by demonstrating my ability to look at what a district needs for resources, interpret data, develop budgets and looks to build a curriculum upon those resources. I feel that through this experience while working a collaborative group, I was able to lead and bring my group to a satifying grade on the project. 



IV.A.2. Accesses and interprets data from available technologies and resources to address long-term and strategic planning needs of the school in areas of personnel, fiscal operations, facilities, technology and/or other school district initiatives


Rating:  Meets


Artifact: Technology Plan Evaluation

Justification: Through evaluating and looking at two separate school districts, I was able to see exactly how the long-range and short-range initiatives were progressing in each school district. I felt that I am rated as meets because I feel that I will obtain more knowledge about these districts once I am employed in the PA public school system. 



IV.A.3. Examines data from local, state and national sources to monitor and enhance student achievement


Rating:  Exceeds


Artifact: Board Meeting

Justification: Through looking at the Monongalia County board meeting, I found that sources from the government are a key if not vital part of a school district. Through a 2 million dollar cut, I saw how devastating this budget was to the new staffing issues and building maintance as well as technology that was ultimately put on the back burner. I rated myself as exceeds because I feel that I can examine the sources of data and understand their impact on a school district. 



IV.A.4. Determines the type of data that is communicated to each group of stakeholders, how data is presented and the implications of information dissemination

Rating:  Meets

Artifact: Board Meeting

Justification: Through looking at the board meeting from Monongalia County, I rated myself as meets because I feel that I have determined the data that was useful when talking about technology. I feel that I still have years of experience before I can relay this information as a head of a technology department and as such I feel this experience will give me the exceeds rating in the future. 



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