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II.E.1. Developing plans to assess the technological needs and resources, and to evaluate technology implementation and outcomes


Rating: Exceeds


Artifact: Grant


Justification: Through writing the grant for the Hummingbird Project, I was able to assess what technology would fit into our group's school district and what ultimately would be feasible. Through the budget and evaluation of the materials, I wrote the grant for our school district. I rated myself exceeds because I feel that I am prepared to write a grant if needed in a real school district. 




 II.E.2. Developing plans to configure computer/technology systems and related peripherals in laboratory, classroom clusters, and other instructional and administrative arrangements


Rating:  Meets


Artifact: Technology Plan


Justification: I rated myself as meets because I feel that through working on this technology plan with my group I truly understand how to purchase and configure technology in a school district. Through more experience in a school district, I feel that I will ultimately be able to be rated as exceeds in the future. 




 II.E.3. Developing systems for the secure maintenance of student records


 Rating:  Meets


Artifact: Technology Plan


Justification: Through my ability to work together with a collaborative team, I feel that I am rated as meets by being able to think about student security through applications found in our technology plan. I feel through working in a school district, I will later be able to be considered exceeds in this category. 


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