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II.B.1. Pennsylvania Academic Standards


Rating:  Exceeds


Artifact: First Grade Unit Plan Story Elements


Justification:  I have rated myself as exceeds because I have developed lessons that integrate the PA Academic Standards. This helps me to develop professionally because it shows that I can teach aligned with the State Standards. Through looking at this unit plan, you will see how I can look at targets as well as overarching standards to develop a unit that incorporates many different lessons to obtain the state standards. Working as a backwards design, I felt that I was able to know what I wanted my students to accomplish first and then developed lessons and targets based on the main standard. 



 II.B.2. Strengths and needs of learners at all levels of technological proficiency


Rating:  Exceeds


Artifact: Oregon Trail WebQuest


Justification: Through my teaching, I have learned that each child needs the ability to learn on his or her own level. Through the Instructional Technology program, I have learned how to create self-assessing assignments for students to understand and take a interest in their own education. By letting students learn in different ways, I have shown how a teacher can create lessons that each student can benefit from. I have rated myself as exceeds due to my ability to create multiple lessons that incorporate differentiation.


 II.B.3. Established technology implementation plans


Rating:  Exceeds


Artifact: Hyperbook


Justification: Through teaching, I have created assessments that are authentic and aligned with the Common Core. I have found that these assessments can be integrated with technology to create more engaging materials for students. Through my HyperBook creation, I made a tool in which students could self-assess themselves and understand what they need to do in order to finish and complete the assignment. I have made many different kinds of assignments such as Webquests and PowerPoints that tap into the engaging ideal that children who are invested in their own education will succeed at a higher rate. I have rated myself as exceeds due to the ability that I can create and demonstrate lessons that implement stated plans for technology use. 

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